Doctoral thesis on Joaquín Rodrigo's guitar works

portadatesis Doctoral Thesis by Dan Alexandru Arhire: “Ipostaze chitaristice in creatia lui Joaquín Rodrigo”. Presented at the University of the Arts “George Enescu”, Romania. Awarded “Summa cum laude”.

Written in Romanian, the thesis contains an Abstract of its content in English: a musical and interpretative analysis, underlining Joaquín Rodrigo’s role and value in the history of classical guitar music.  

Centering the analysis on two works, Fantasía para un gentilhombre and Concierto de Aranjuez, the technical musical language used facilitates the understanding of the most of the text. It studies the influences in Joaquín Rodrigo’s works, neocasticismo, Iberian folk elements, etc, as well as his process of composition. 

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