Música para un jardín

February 23rd marks the 60th anniversary of the premiere of Joaquín Rodrigo’s Música para un jardín.

The composition of Música para un jardín may be said to cover in all some thirty -four years of Rodrigo’s life. It consists of four berceuses (lullabies), together with a short prelude and postlude, inspired by the seasons of the year as they transform the atmosphere of a garden. The first piece to be composed, Berceuse de otoño (Autumn Lullaby), dates from 1923, and both this and the succeeding piece dedicated to the Spring (1928) were originally written for piano solo.

The two berceuses were orchestrated in 1935. The suite was completed in 1957 as film score for the documentary by the Sanjuan brothers on Madrid’s Buen Retiro park.


filmo 4

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