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Cecilia Rodrigo at the Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo stand at the Frankfurt Music Fair Photo of Joaquín Rodrigo’s study area Photos of scores and recordings of Joaquín Rodrigo’s music

The publishing company, Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo, founded in 1989. is exclusively dedicated to protect and give impulse to the musical legacy of the composer. Ediciones publishes and distributes the works of Joaquín Rodrigo, alone or in collaboration with other publishers, supplies orchestra rental material, grants licences, and works to safeguard the moral rights of Rodrigo’s entire production.

In 1999 and again in 2006 the company received the Music Prize for the Best Publisher of Classical Music.

The Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation was set up in 1999, following the decease of Rodrigo, on the eve of the celebration of his centennial year, in 2001. It is the custodian of the vast Rodrigo Archive and facilitates access to the historical documentary and audiovisual material preserved. The Foundation sponsors diverse cultural activities to project the figure of the venerated composer worldwide.

Making use of its valuable legacy, the Foundation’s multi faceted work includes providing personalized attention to researchers, a program of activities for children and young people, setting up expositions, promoting recitals of Spanish music, producing new recordings and publishing books.

The combined efforts of the publishing house and the foundation have obtained magnificent results in their task of furthering the legacy of Joaquín Rodrigo and constitute a unique management experience in the world of culture.

The responsability for both organizations rests on the composer’s immediate family, headed by his daughter, Cecilia Rodrigo.



Ediciones Joaquin Rodrigo 
Fundación Victoria y Joaquín Rodrigo

General Yagüe, 11 4º J
28020 Madrid   ·   Spain
Tel.: 34 91 555 27 28
Fax.: 34 91 556 43 35

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Rafael Aguirre performs Rodrigo works at Doctor Honoris Causa ceremony of Professor Joseph J. Monaghan

The guitarist Rafael Aguirre performed various works by Joaquín Rodrigo at the Awarding Ceremony of Doctor Honoris Causa to Australian Professor Joseph J. Monaghan at the Technical Naval Engineering School (Polytechnical University of Madrid) on June 16, 2017 at the request of Professor Monaghan.  

Photo of Cecilia Rodrigo with Rafael Aguirre and Professor Joseph J Monathan.

2017 06 19 PHOTO 00000009        2017 06 19 PHOTO 00000010 2

Cycle of Summer courses on the Royal Sites of Spain

0178 The cycle of summer courses sponsored by National Heritage and the Complutense Foundation on the Royal Sites of Spain begins in Aranjuez, where the Spanish kings  enjoyed the months of spring in the  valley that lies between the Tajo and the Jarama rivers.  

The closing conference will be dedicated to the figure of Maestro Rodrigo, who, with his Concierto de Aranjuez (1939), has contributed more than anyone to making the Royal Site  famous worldwide. A biographical portrait will be presented by Cecilia Rodrigo, Marquesa de los jardines de Aranjuez and President of the Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation, under the title “Joaquín Rodrigo, above and beyond Concierto de Aranjuez”. 

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