Presentation of 'El amor te hará inmortal'

2 Cecilias y R. Gener The book by Ramón Gener: El amor te hará inmortal, which includes a chapter entitled “El castigo de Sísifo” dedicated to Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo, was presented yesterday 27/11/2016 at  FNAC Madrid to an enthusiastic audience who bought out all copies.

Photo: Cecilia León, Ramón Gener and Cecilia Rodrigo.
Libro Ramon Gener

Tribute to Sir Neville Marriner

cd 460   A heartfelt tribute to one of the greatest conductors of all times, Sir Neville Marriner, who was closely linked to the works of Joaquín Rodrigo and his family.

He left us on October 2, 2016. Rest in peace.

He will always be part of the history of music.
  cd 102

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